Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Vitamin C Content Higher Lower Stroke Risk

Consumption of vitamin C content can be predicted big or small a person is exposed to the possibility of stroke, the results of research involving a group of experts about 20 thousand people and old-age part-elderly people in Norfolk, United Kingdom.

In research that lasted for about ten years 448 cases of stroke occurred among those involved in research projects.

Experts found that they-they have a degree of concentration of vitamin C at the beginning of the most high-risk research has a 42% lower for stroke affected during the period of ten years, compared with those with a concentration of vitamin C content of the low.

Protective effect provided by vitamin C to ward stroke after considering the factors that may influence, among others, age, gender, smoking habits, alcohol drinking habits body mass index, blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack preliminary attack, Feed and social class .

Dr.Pho K. Myint from the University of Cambridge, UK and their colleagues reported the results of research in the medical magazine, The American Journal of Nutrition.

Myint said the concentration of vitamin C content in the blood is one of a bio-consumption of fruits and vegetables provide a lot of food substances that are biologically active and Protective against stroke. Results of research that supports the evidence that a body in the consumption of vegetables and fruits have such a protective effect against stroke. "

In other comments, also associated with vitamin C, Drs. Sebastian J. Padayatty and Mark Levin Institute of the National Health Bethesda, in Maryland, emphasizing fruits and vegetables associated with many health benefits including decreasing the risk of stroke affected.

"We have yet to find out why and how the fruits and vegetables that provide the benefits for the public are encouraged to consumption in many and diverse number of type ," Padayatty and Levin said.

Optimum amount of consumption of fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of infected heart disease and stroke are still not known, but eat as much as 5 to 9 times the fruit or vegetable dishes every day can provide benefits for health and provide protection for the body to a number of diseases. Because the two types of recommended eat the food as much as possible.

Heavy Rainfall Can Increase Autisme

From the latest research results recorded in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, dikabarkan that the increase in rainfall or associated with it could be related to the development of autisme.

Theory autisme rainfall based on the child's health records and weather from the three states of the U.S., but has been greeted with caution by the UK research charities.

The researchers consider the average annual rainfall in California, Oregon and Washington State between 1987 and 1999, and then examine the prevalence autisme figures in the growth of children during that time.

Studies have found a number autisme higher among children who are part of the country receive higher rainfall during their first three years.

Increasing the number autisme - the increase, based on some measure, from one in 2500 to be between one of the 150 - mainly due to a doctor can diagnose disease, as some scientists opinion.

However, researchers from Cornell University did not concur, and said that such research can not eliminate the factors that may separately increase the number of children who grow in conditions that casually.

They found that the number can be associated with the amount of rainfall in the state they are in-between that date. From the results of the research that found that the prevalence autisme higher for groups that experienced the birth of the rainfall is relatively high when they are younger than three years .

They also explain that no one from all of that more than just theory. However, further research to see if the connection was real is still needed.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Benefits And Tips Carrot juice

During this carrot known as the vegetables can also make juice. Carrot juice has many benefits for us to age that is still early. In addition, carrot juice also have many benefits for health.

Yellow / orange of carrots indicate carotin womb. Carrot juice have an effect on health. Drinking carrot juice is also good for cleaning effect with liver vitamin A contents of vegetables in this. Vitamin A reduces bile and fat in the liver.

Carrot in the womb also have vitamin E, which helps prevent cancer. Carrot juice mixed with milk, vitamin A is also ideal for babies. Carrot juice is also suitable mixed with other fruit juice. Interference weakly in old age is also a routine that can drink carrot juice every day.

Carrot juice is also good drink pregnant women. Gynecology Beta carotene in fruits is also the anti oksidan, a good candidate for the mother and baby. In addition, anti oksidan also helps slow the process penuaan. Fruit that is rich in anti oksidan berry. Both units can be blended together or separately.

Tips Benefits Carrot juice
- Carrot juice as a useful anti inflammatory and invigorate the skin
- Carrot juice can help prevent cancer
- Carrot juice help fade specks in the skin
- Carrot juice is consumed each day able to overcome the rough skin as The speck and pigmentasi.

Maybe for some carrot juice feel uncomfortable, but for the health benefits and see harmless to try. Welcome to try!

Tips Avoiding Diseases on Rainy Season

End of the year arrived, as usual rainfall often start mengguyur. Not only so the danger of flooding if the rainy season arrives, but also many of them the disease. Here we submit a few tips to avoid pain connatural season:

Prevent Flu

-Washing Hand
Some of the flu virus spreads through direct contact, so try to wash your hands often with soap and water that can be warm.
- Do not with the Front Typically flu virus into the body through the eyes, nose or mouth. So do not try too often with the face.
- Food Consumption Containing Phytochemical Phytochemical are natural chemicals in the plants, which provide vitamins in food. This type of substance found in fruits and vegetables fresh, green, red and yellow, dark, so try to reproduce this type of food consumption.
-Drinking Many Water
Water lift working-toxic poisons in the body. Adults need eight glasses of water a day. Try to drink lots of water and white, to lift the poison-poison in the body.

Prevent Diarrhea

-When it rains every day, drain-clog the drain usually buoyant, carrying parasites and worms and amoeba consecutive upraised. To prevent diarrhea biasakan to maintain hygiene, biasakan washing hands and legs after travel.
-Fool footwear to prevent the spread of dirt or parasites enter through the skin.
-Avoid buying food in any place.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Vitamin C and E Do not Reduce Cancer Risk

Pastil consume vitamin C and E did not reduce the risk of cancer, so the results of a study of the end of nearly 15,000 men involved in the U.S., said a media, on Monday (17/11).

"After almost 10 years of respondents who consume supplement containing vitamin C or E, we find no evidence to support the use of both complementary in cancer prevention," said Howard D. Sesso, Sc.D., MPH, assistant professor in the department's health Brigham and Women's Hospital.

"Although the use of additional vitamin C and E did not produce the benefits of protection, the two complement is also not dangerous," he said.

The research, funded by the National Institutes of Health and some of the vitamins, track cancer risk in 14,641 U.S. male doctors who use the 400 IU vitamin E per day or a substitute for substance, or 500 milligram daily vitamin V or replacement. The average age they are 64 years old at the beginning of the study and followed the development of their average during the eight years.

The participants of the 1929 cases of cancer, including 1,013 cancer prostat. Overall, 490 men who consume vitamin E prostat cancer fell ill while 523 men in groups of materials. Seen similar results in user vitamin C. Overall, the risk of cancer is usually not also be the difference between the two groups.

"The experiment was conducted with the clinic as well and quickly close the door for hope that the vitamin supplement that may be found to protect the public from the human cancer," said Marji McCullough, head of nutrition at the American Cancer Society. "Still that there may be benefits to the sub-groups that can not be measured, but the overall result is not encouraging."
Society has received a lot of good and bad news about vitamin. Study and research laboratories that previously reported that people who consume foods that contain lots of vitamin C and E have proven to lower the risk of cancer fell ill, has said that consumption of both vitamins as a supplement may benefit protection.

"American Cancer Society recommend that people get the vitamins and other nutrients to foods that most of the plants, a variety of vegetables, fruit and whole grains. Bonusnya is the type of foods that help prevent obesity, which increase the risk of some types of cancer,"McCullough said.

Poor Sleep? Beware Cause Cancer!

Exercise regularly can reduce the risk of cancer in women, but the benefits that can escape if the woman is too little sleep, the researchers said some of the U.S., on Monday (17/11). Study involving 5,968 women in Maryland confirms previous findings that people who perform routine physical activities face smaller risks for cancer fell ill.

But when the researchers examine the women who are 18 to 65 years of diligent berolah sport every weekend, they found that sleep appears to play an important role in cancer risk.

People who sleep less than seven hours each night to 47 percent for risk fell ill with cancer than those who sleep more among women who are physically active, so the researchers report in the meeting that the American Association for Cancer Research.

"We think it is very interesting and generate curiosity. This is the first time such research. That is not something that has been widely reviewed," said Jame McClain from the National Cancer Institute, part of the National Institute of Health the government, in a telephone interview.

McClain, who led the study, said not clear how indeed too little sleep may make people more susceptible to cancer. "Sleep has been long enough in dealing with health," said McClain.

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) call less sleep as a public health problem that is not observed, and claims the United States more or less sleep. CDC says the percentage of adults who reported sleeping six hours or less per night increased from 1985 to 2006.

Experts say lack of sleep on the bed associated with chronic obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease and blood vessel, depression, cigarettes and suck excessive drinking.

In addition, research has shown that people who routinely sport berolah face a lower risk of breast cancer, colon and other types of cancer. Many experts think the impact of exercise on the body's hormone levels, immune function and body weight may play an important role.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Stress The Short Term Reduce Remember

Stress the short term that lasts only a few hours can damage the brain-cell communication in some areas related to the ability to learn and remember the power, said the researchers from Unviersity of California.

Have known that the stress of the last several weeks or months can damage cells in the area of communication and memory in the brain's ability to learn, but the study gave the first evidence that short-term stress has the same impact. Study in the Journal of broadcast Neurosicence.

"Stress continues to occur in our lives and can not be dodged," said Dr. Tallie Z. Baram, the leader of the study. "Our findings can play an important role in the development of drugs at this time that might prevent the impact that this is not desirable and offers understanding of why some people forget or have difficulties to maintain the information during the full pressure of the situation."

In their study, Baram and colleagues identified a new process of how stress is causing the impact. They found that not involve hormones, known as the broad causes of stress, cortisol, which flows throughout the body, acute stress the fact that certain molecules called corticotropin releasing hormones (CRH) - which disrupt the process of how the brain collects and stores memories.

The researchers found that these molecules inhibit the interaction with the CRH molecules reseptor eliminate stress on the damaged area involved with learning and memory.

Baram also said that there are groups that show the ability to inhibit reseptor CRH, and studies that can play a role in the establishment of therapy based on the collection in order to handle the loss of memory and learning ability related to stress.

Selenium Can Be Estimated Bladder Prevent Cancer

One study published in Cancer Prevention Research, Journal American Association for Cancer Research, December issue, said that selenium (a trace mineral found in grains, beans and meat) may help in the prevention of bladder cancer is high risk.

The researchers from Dartmouth Medical School to compare levels of selenium in 767 people newly diagnosed bladder cancer fell ill with 1108 people from the general public.

Many of the findings show the relationship between selenium and bladder cancer among women, some smokers and those who have a positive bladder cancer p53.

In which all people are, turn no relationship between selenium and bladder cancer, but women (34%), are smokers (39%) and those suffering from cancer p53 positive (43%) have a reduction in light levels with bladder cancer selenium number is higher.

"There are different channels used by the bladder cancer and is estimated to develop a path that involves major changes in the p53 genes," said researcher Margaret Karagas.

"Bladder cancer that originate from changes in this regard with the disease have a more advanced," he said.

Although other studies have showed a similar relationship between selenium and bladder cancer among women. Study is one of the first that shows the relationship between selenium and bladder cancer p53 positive.

"Ultimately, if true that selenium can prevent the occurrence of the particular individual, such as women, bladder cancer from developing, or prevent certain types of tumor, such changes through the p53, develop, it gives us about how the relationship can be prevented tumor at the time front and potentially lead to kemopreventif effort, "Karagas said.

No Salt, No Free Of Salt

Sodium in the amount of harm that can be found in food that is not effective, such as bread and breakfast cereals, the report said Consumer Reports magazine.

Analysis group made up 37 food products, have a cup Raisin Bran Kellogg containing 350 grams of sodium, one of half a cup of cottage cheese contains 360 milligram, and one bread wheat has a 440 milligram.

U.S. food guides recommend that people consume a healthy adult is not more than 2,300 milligram sodium per day and to control high blood pressure, a person must obtain 1500 milligram or less.

Most Americans consume far more than that, and mostly not from the salt on the food ditaburkan but even from the prepared food products.

"Our analysis found that low-fat products may contain more sodium. That happens in part because when fat is removed from the food full of fat, sodium penyedap sometimes used as a substitute," said Jamie Hirsh, parlormaid health editor at Consumer Reports, in a statement.

In addition to sodium chloride, which is better known as table salt, sodium can be found in foods such as disodium guanylate, disodium inosinate, sodium caseinate, sodium benzoate, sodium bicarbonate and sodium nitrite.

Prego 'Heart Smart Traditional' Italian Sauce contains 430 milligram salt in half a cup that is presented, even if it berkadar fat low. Vegetable juice 'Heart Healthy' V8 has 480 milligram of salt in one portion, so the report broadcast on Monday (1 / 12).

Cloning Cells Eliminate Skin Cancer

Skin cancer seem daunting indeed. But do not worry, the scientists in the United States stated that they have successfully treated a man who suffered from skin cancer are the way to cloning one of the blood cells the body's immune system to attack disease.

Men aged 52 years is free of melanoma two years after treatment. Before the patient contract advanced melanoma that has spread to tuberculosis and limfa.

As reported New England Journal of Medicine, medical technique is done with the isolate one opponent cancer cells, T-cell, and create some of its billion-cloning in the lab and return the cells to the body of the patient.

In two months, the results of scanning showed tumor in the lung and lymph gland men was missing and two years after the treatment he is still free of cancer.
The researchers emphasize that this therapy is still need more extensive research to examine the effectiveness of that system against various types of cancer diseases.

Scientists in the UK warns more testing needs to be done to prove the effectiveness of the treatment. Scientists at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle to concentrate on the type of white blood cell called CD4 + cells T.

From the sample of white blood cells of the men, they can select the cells, CD4 + T cells that have a specifically directed to the chemicals found on the surface of melanoma cells.

Already Found Virus Causes Skin Cancer

One virus, previously unknown, may be the cause of a form of skin cancer is a rare but especially off the impact on the elderly and the body's immune system was weak due to AIDS.

The researchers at the University of Pittsburg Cancer Institute in the United States believe they have found perpetrators, which can cause infection, after identifying the DNA sequence of the virus in 80% tumor cells Merkell.

DNA belonging to a foreign virus, called Merkel cell polymavirus (MCV), which integrates into the tumor genome itself in a way that indicates that the virus is triggered the growth of cancer.

If the new virus was the cause, the virus offers promise for the treatment of cancer is very aggressive. Experts suspect the virus was shut because of the protein causes cancer genes or the growth of the tumor.

"The information that we may be able to earn their way to the examination of blood or a vaccine to improve the handling of disease prevention and help," said Dr. Patrick Moore, who with colleagues published the findings in the journal Science.

Merkell cell carcinoma of the developing nerve cells that react to touch or pressure. Events have been increased threefold in the last 20 years; now there are as many as 1,500 cases per year in the United States.

Some 50% of advanced disease patients live for nine months or less. Merkel cell carcinoma is not the first cancer associated with a virus, and will not be the last.

The virus causes of cancer is the most exposed to HPV, or human papillomavirus, which can cause cancer and cervix become targets of two new vaccines anti-cancer, Gardasil and Cervatix, from Merck & Co Inc and GlaxoSmithKline Plc. Kaposi `s sarcoma, the most dangerous conditions on public AIDS patients and the most common cancer in Africa, also caused by a virus.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Prevent Skin Damage with Broccoli Extract

Dr. explained. Paul Talalay of Johns Hopkins University, broccoli sprout seed extract can reduce redness and damage to the skin up to more than one-third. "But, this is not hindsight solar," said Talalay, as cited by Reuters. Extracting this will only help fortify skin cells to fight the effects of UV radiation.

Together with his team, Talalay a test of six people with various doses in some small areas of skin. The part is then displayed with a short wave UV radiation, which causes quite a burn rate that varies.

They then compare the redness on the skin that are given treatment and that is not. At the highest dose, the extract reduced redness and swelling by an average of 37 percent, and long-term effect. Two days after treatment stopped, the effects remain visible.

These effects vary widely among the volunteers, who obtained protection from 8 to 78 percent depending on genetic differences. "What we see important because it also works in humans," Talalay said. However, it still suggests further research is needed on how this should be applied to humans.

"Not like solar screen that provides physical barrier against UV rays by absorbing, obstruct, or otherwise light, the extract helps increase the production of protective enzymes that defend against skin damage related to UV," a time. Especially on people with problems on the immunity system, such as patients in the transplant. However, this still does not replace extract the solar curtain.

During the 15 years, Talalay has been researching sulforafane, component, which is in the broccoli sprout extract. The results of this study indicate that the development of tumors in animals given the amount of material causes of cancer can be prevented.

Low Testosteron Make Quick Death?

A research conducted on 794 healthy men aged 50-91 years (with average age 73.6) for 11.6 years, indicating that the rate of hormone testosteronnya lower, 40 percent tend to die in the years 1985-2004 study period. Results of this study appear in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 2007.

These results do not directly encourage men who are older consume supplements testosteron to live longer. Research is, according to Dr. Gail A. Laughlin, as cited by Reuters Health, shows only the relationship between the low rate of testosteron with the death more quickly.
"That's why we do not recommend that men consume supplements testosteron based on the results of this,"Laughlin said.

Relations are, in theory, due to the low rate of testosteron can affect the long-age men through the effects metabolik. Some previous research indicates that the rate of low testosteron can cause abdominal obesity and syndrome metabolik.

In their study, Laughlin and colleagues from the University of California, San Diego, U.S., found that low testosteron associated with abdominal obesity and aspects metabolik syndrome. So, while these factors excluded, the rate of low testosteron is still freely associated with early death.

There are still differences in opinion among experts in defining the lack of testosteron. Some of them stated that the measure should be diagnosed below 300 nanogram per desiliter (ng / dl), but other experts say lower.

Unfortunately, there is no evidence that the increase rate of male testosteron above 300 ng / dl can extend the age, so this discovery does not recommend the use of widely testosteron therapy for men with old age.

Is not yet clear whether the increase testosteron in men with a clearly visible defisiensi can safely extend the age. "Only clinical trials that examined the suplementasi hormonal against plasebo can answer this question," Laughlin said.

Many Eat Not Always Fat

The results of a study conducted by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, recently stated that the effort to add weight is not always done with the means increasing the amount of food consumed. However, sometimes things are needed, such as drugs or other nutrients, which can help control weight.

In the descriptions in the Journal of Cell Metabolism, the researchers said that the serotonin, known to be working as a checker appetite and the addition of fat, actually have two channels' signal 'is different.

One set of channel signals is set appetite and fat storage, another checker. Signals received by each channel is controlled by neurons in the brain, which instructs the body to burn fat or store food.

If the mechanism is described in the channel, target drug use the weight is more aimed at the reduction of channel fat and not to reduce hunger, which in fact rarely successful, said leaders of the Research, Kaveh Ashrafi.

"It does not mean that the food is not important. Control of fat that is owned by serotonin is different with the food. Weight reduction strategy focuses only on food consumption, you can. That is why businesses often fail to diet," he said.

The discovery is not against the view that hunger, appetite and obesity are connected to each other under the influence of serotonin and the other signal, which is connected with neurons in the brain. However, the discovery shows that there is the influence of the other. Some medicine for weight has been developed to increase the amount of serotonin, so the appetite suppressants. However, it is even cause problems, Ashrafi said.

Medicines are intended to block the signal point reduction of fat in a separate brain, which is actually useful to control obesity, diabetes type 2 disease, diseases related to blood vessels and others.

"Obesity problems are too skinny and not solely caused by eating patterns. But more than that, eating patterns and to control the fat also regulated by the nervous system that function to respond to the availability of nutrients in the body," the researchers said.

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