Sunday, January 4, 2009

Vitamin C and E Do not Reduce Cancer Risk

Pastil consume vitamin C and E did not reduce the risk of cancer, so the results of a study of the end of nearly 15,000 men involved in the U.S., said a media, on Monday (17/11).

"After almost 10 years of respondents who consume supplement containing vitamin C or E, we find no evidence to support the use of both complementary in cancer prevention," said Howard D. Sesso, Sc.D., MPH, assistant professor in the department's health Brigham and Women's Hospital.

"Although the use of additional vitamin C and E did not produce the benefits of protection, the two complement is also not dangerous," he said.

The research, funded by the National Institutes of Health and some of the vitamins, track cancer risk in 14,641 U.S. male doctors who use the 400 IU vitamin E per day or a substitute for substance, or 500 milligram daily vitamin V or replacement. The average age they are 64 years old at the beginning of the study and followed the development of their average during the eight years.

The participants of the 1929 cases of cancer, including 1,013 cancer prostat. Overall, 490 men who consume vitamin E prostat cancer fell ill while 523 men in groups of materials. Seen similar results in user vitamin C. Overall, the risk of cancer is usually not also be the difference between the two groups.

"The experiment was conducted with the clinic as well and quickly close the door for hope that the vitamin supplement that may be found to protect the public from the human cancer," said Marji McCullough, head of nutrition at the American Cancer Society. "Still that there may be benefits to the sub-groups that can not be measured, but the overall result is not encouraging."
Society has received a lot of good and bad news about vitamin. Study and research laboratories that previously reported that people who consume foods that contain lots of vitamin C and E have proven to lower the risk of cancer fell ill, has said that consumption of both vitamins as a supplement may benefit protection.

"American Cancer Society recommend that people get the vitamins and other nutrients to foods that most of the plants, a variety of vegetables, fruit and whole grains. Bonusnya is the type of foods that help prevent obesity, which increase the risk of some types of cancer,"McCullough said.


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