Thursday, January 1, 2009

Many Eat Not Always Fat

The results of a study conducted by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, recently stated that the effort to add weight is not always done with the means increasing the amount of food consumed. However, sometimes things are needed, such as drugs or other nutrients, which can help control weight.

In the descriptions in the Journal of Cell Metabolism, the researchers said that the serotonin, known to be working as a checker appetite and the addition of fat, actually have two channels' signal 'is different.

One set of channel signals is set appetite and fat storage, another checker. Signals received by each channel is controlled by neurons in the brain, which instructs the body to burn fat or store food.

If the mechanism is described in the channel, target drug use the weight is more aimed at the reduction of channel fat and not to reduce hunger, which in fact rarely successful, said leaders of the Research, Kaveh Ashrafi.

"It does not mean that the food is not important. Control of fat that is owned by serotonin is different with the food. Weight reduction strategy focuses only on food consumption, you can. That is why businesses often fail to diet," he said.

The discovery is not against the view that hunger, appetite and obesity are connected to each other under the influence of serotonin and the other signal, which is connected with neurons in the brain. However, the discovery shows that there is the influence of the other. Some medicine for weight has been developed to increase the amount of serotonin, so the appetite suppressants. However, it is even cause problems, Ashrafi said.

Medicines are intended to block the signal point reduction of fat in a separate brain, which is actually useful to control obesity, diabetes type 2 disease, diseases related to blood vessels and others.

"Obesity problems are too skinny and not solely caused by eating patterns. But more than that, eating patterns and to control the fat also regulated by the nervous system that function to respond to the availability of nutrients in the body," the researchers said.


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