Thursday, January 1, 2009

Low Testosteron Make Quick Death?

A research conducted on 794 healthy men aged 50-91 years (with average age 73.6) for 11.6 years, indicating that the rate of hormone testosteronnya lower, 40 percent tend to die in the years 1985-2004 study period. Results of this study appear in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 2007.

These results do not directly encourage men who are older consume supplements testosteron to live longer. Research is, according to Dr. Gail A. Laughlin, as cited by Reuters Health, shows only the relationship between the low rate of testosteron with the death more quickly.
"That's why we do not recommend that men consume supplements testosteron based on the results of this,"Laughlin said.

Relations are, in theory, due to the low rate of testosteron can affect the long-age men through the effects metabolik. Some previous research indicates that the rate of low testosteron can cause abdominal obesity and syndrome metabolik.

In their study, Laughlin and colleagues from the University of California, San Diego, U.S., found that low testosteron associated with abdominal obesity and aspects metabolik syndrome. So, while these factors excluded, the rate of low testosteron is still freely associated with early death.

There are still differences in opinion among experts in defining the lack of testosteron. Some of them stated that the measure should be diagnosed below 300 nanogram per desiliter (ng / dl), but other experts say lower.

Unfortunately, there is no evidence that the increase rate of male testosteron above 300 ng / dl can extend the age, so this discovery does not recommend the use of widely testosteron therapy for men with old age.

Is not yet clear whether the increase testosteron in men with a clearly visible defisiensi can safely extend the age. "Only clinical trials that examined the suplementasi hormonal against plasebo can answer this question," Laughlin said.


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