Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cloning Cells Eliminate Skin Cancer

Skin cancer seem daunting indeed. But do not worry, the scientists in the United States stated that they have successfully treated a man who suffered from skin cancer are the way to cloning one of the blood cells the body's immune system to attack disease.

Men aged 52 years is free of melanoma two years after treatment. Before the patient contract advanced melanoma that has spread to tuberculosis and limfa.

As reported New England Journal of Medicine, medical technique is done with the isolate one opponent cancer cells, T-cell, and create some of its billion-cloning in the lab and return the cells to the body of the patient.

In two months, the results of scanning showed tumor in the lung and lymph gland men was missing and two years after the treatment he is still free of cancer.
The researchers emphasize that this therapy is still need more extensive research to examine the effectiveness of that system against various types of cancer diseases.

Scientists in the UK warns more testing needs to be done to prove the effectiveness of the treatment. Scientists at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle to concentrate on the type of white blood cell called CD4 + cells T.

From the sample of white blood cells of the men, they can select the cells, CD4 + T cells that have a specifically directed to the chemicals found on the surface of melanoma cells.


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