Monday, January 5, 2009

Tips Avoiding Diseases on Rainy Season

End of the year arrived, as usual rainfall often start mengguyur. Not only so the danger of flooding if the rainy season arrives, but also many of them the disease. Here we submit a few tips to avoid pain connatural season:

Prevent Flu

-Washing Hand
Some of the flu virus spreads through direct contact, so try to wash your hands often with soap and water that can be warm.
- Do not with the Front Typically flu virus into the body through the eyes, nose or mouth. So do not try too often with the face.
- Food Consumption Containing Phytochemical Phytochemical are natural chemicals in the plants, which provide vitamins in food. This type of substance found in fruits and vegetables fresh, green, red and yellow, dark, so try to reproduce this type of food consumption.
-Drinking Many Water
Water lift working-toxic poisons in the body. Adults need eight glasses of water a day. Try to drink lots of water and white, to lift the poison-poison in the body.

Prevent Diarrhea

-When it rains every day, drain-clog the drain usually buoyant, carrying parasites and worms and amoeba consecutive upraised. To prevent diarrhea biasakan to maintain hygiene, biasakan washing hands and legs after travel.
-Fool footwear to prevent the spread of dirt or parasites enter through the skin.
-Avoid buying food in any place.


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