Monday, January 5, 2009

Benefits And Tips Carrot juice

During this carrot known as the vegetables can also make juice. Carrot juice has many benefits for us to age that is still early. In addition, carrot juice also have many benefits for health.

Yellow / orange of carrots indicate carotin womb. Carrot juice have an effect on health. Drinking carrot juice is also good for cleaning effect with liver vitamin A contents of vegetables in this. Vitamin A reduces bile and fat in the liver.

Carrot in the womb also have vitamin E, which helps prevent cancer. Carrot juice mixed with milk, vitamin A is also ideal for babies. Carrot juice is also suitable mixed with other fruit juice. Interference weakly in old age is also a routine that can drink carrot juice every day.

Carrot juice is also good drink pregnant women. Gynecology Beta carotene in fruits is also the anti oksidan, a good candidate for the mother and baby. In addition, anti oksidan also helps slow the process penuaan. Fruit that is rich in anti oksidan berry. Both units can be blended together or separately.

Tips Benefits Carrot juice
- Carrot juice as a useful anti inflammatory and invigorate the skin
- Carrot juice can help prevent cancer
- Carrot juice help fade specks in the skin
- Carrot juice is consumed each day able to overcome the rough skin as The speck and pigmentasi.

Maybe for some carrot juice feel uncomfortable, but for the health benefits and see harmless to try. Welcome to try!


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