Thursday, January 1, 2009

Prevent Skin Damage with Broccoli Extract

Dr. explained. Paul Talalay of Johns Hopkins University, broccoli sprout seed extract can reduce redness and damage to the skin up to more than one-third. "But, this is not hindsight solar," said Talalay, as cited by Reuters. Extracting this will only help fortify skin cells to fight the effects of UV radiation.

Together with his team, Talalay a test of six people with various doses in some small areas of skin. The part is then displayed with a short wave UV radiation, which causes quite a burn rate that varies.

They then compare the redness on the skin that are given treatment and that is not. At the highest dose, the extract reduced redness and swelling by an average of 37 percent, and long-term effect. Two days after treatment stopped, the effects remain visible.

These effects vary widely among the volunteers, who obtained protection from 8 to 78 percent depending on genetic differences. "What we see important because it also works in humans," Talalay said. However, it still suggests further research is needed on how this should be applied to humans.

"Not like solar screen that provides physical barrier against UV rays by absorbing, obstruct, or otherwise light, the extract helps increase the production of protective enzymes that defend against skin damage related to UV," a time. Especially on people with problems on the immunity system, such as patients in the transplant. However, this still does not replace extract the solar curtain.

During the 15 years, Talalay has been researching sulforafane, component, which is in the broccoli sprout extract. The results of this study indicate that the development of tumors in animals given the amount of material causes of cancer can be prevented.


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