Saturday, January 3, 2009

Selenium Can Be Estimated Bladder Prevent Cancer

One study published in Cancer Prevention Research, Journal American Association for Cancer Research, December issue, said that selenium (a trace mineral found in grains, beans and meat) may help in the prevention of bladder cancer is high risk.

The researchers from Dartmouth Medical School to compare levels of selenium in 767 people newly diagnosed bladder cancer fell ill with 1108 people from the general public.

Many of the findings show the relationship between selenium and bladder cancer among women, some smokers and those who have a positive bladder cancer p53.

In which all people are, turn no relationship between selenium and bladder cancer, but women (34%), are smokers (39%) and those suffering from cancer p53 positive (43%) have a reduction in light levels with bladder cancer selenium number is higher.

"There are different channels used by the bladder cancer and is estimated to develop a path that involves major changes in the p53 genes," said researcher Margaret Karagas.

"Bladder cancer that originate from changes in this regard with the disease have a more advanced," he said.

Although other studies have showed a similar relationship between selenium and bladder cancer among women. Study is one of the first that shows the relationship between selenium and bladder cancer p53 positive.

"Ultimately, if true that selenium can prevent the occurrence of the particular individual, such as women, bladder cancer from developing, or prevent certain types of tumor, such changes through the p53, develop, it gives us about how the relationship can be prevented tumor at the time front and potentially lead to kemopreventif effort, "Karagas said.


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