Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Clove For Medicine

Oil of cloves (Eugenia aromática) can be produced from distillation dried clove bud powder (clove oil), clove bud stalk powder (clove stem oil), and dried clove (clove oil Leaf).

Clove plants can grow well in tropical. Clove oil is used by many doctors as to improve the dental pain. In addition, the plant is also used in the pharmaceutical industry, divers cuisine, and smells.

As a traditional medicine clove property has overcome toothache, Sinusitis, nausea and vomiting, puffed, colds, headaches, stomach inflammation, coughing, delayed menstruation, rheumatism, measles, and others.

Overcome toothache, the perforated teeth corked with cotton that has diteteskan with clove oil. Or, 10 grains of crushed clove until smooth, then fine course is Yes, included in the dental adequate hole, and closed with cotton. Do twice a day.

Sinusitis overcome, dried clove adequate, until a powder course is Yes, then ditiupkan to the nose by using suction with adequate size. As nausea drugs, 10 grains of clove, 20 grams of tamarind and palm sugar adequate boiled with 400 cc of water to the remaining 200 cc. Then the ingredients and strained to be drunk during warm twice a day, every time you drink 100 cc.

Medicine for colds, 10 drops of clove oil can be 50 cc hot water, add honey adequate, and mix until evenly drunk while warm. Make 2 to 3 times a day. Medicine for headaches, 5 eggs clove, 5 grams of cinnamon, 5 grams of seeds, nutmeg, pepper and 5 grain mashed into powder and then to be 100 cc hot water, then drink.

Inflammation overcome stomach, 5 eggs clove, 5 grams of cinnamon, 5 grams of seeds, nutmeg, cardamom and 5 eggs, 15 grams of mandarin orange peel, 150 grams of radish, pumpkin chopper adequate, boiled to 1000 cc hot water and drunk. Cough, 10 grains of clove, 10 pieces of betel leaf, 5 sheets leaf site liman, 3 grains of cardamom, cinnamon 2 fingers, and palm sugar adequate boiled with 800 cc of water to the remaining 400 cc, filtered and then drink 2 times a day, every time drinking 200 cc


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