Tuesday, December 30, 2008

10 How to Choose Healthy Food

Who I'd like to live a healthy? All people would want to undergo the life of healthy physical and spiritual. Towards healthy life can be in many ways. One through our meal pattern. According to experts, so the key is to consume a healthy food with balanced nutrition. In short, we can use various types of food that not only contains many calories but rich in nutrition. Here are 10 tips you can follow to get healthy food, but also still feel comfortable in the tongue.

1. Food consumption Rich Nutrisi.Diperlukan 40 types of nutrition to keep your body healthy. And only one type of food can not be sufficient Feed all this type. Options food everyday you should include carbohydrate products and cereals full of other fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meat, fish or foods that contain other protein. How much food should you need to eat depends on the required calories from your body.

2. Consumption of cereals Full, Fruits and Vegetables. Survey shows that most people do not consume enough of this type of food. Are you already eat 6-1 portions of rice or cereals, whether from the 3 portion of this that you eat cereals, including full? What have you eat food that consists of 2-4 portions of fruits and vegetables portion 3-5? If you do not enjoy, including the type of food this before, so start now give the opportunity for you to taste.

3. Set Weight tandem. Weight appropriate for you depends on many factors, including gender, body height, age and ancestry. Excess weight weight make your blood pressure increases, causing pain lives, stroke, diabetes and some types of cancer or other diseases. But the body has too skinny can also cause osteoporosis, imbalance menstruation and other health problems. So the weight is balanced affect health.

4. The size of the meal service. If you maintain your portion sizes reasonable, it is easier to eat food that you want to keep you healthy. Do you know rekomondasi cooked food that is served is 3 oz. Medium size fruit is one portion and a cup of pasta that balanced two portions, and 4 portions of ice cream.

5. Eat regularly. Spend hours eating will only make the control hunger lost, but even so the result of excessive hunger. When you feel hungry, it also means that you forget the matter of nutrition in your food. Dining snack in the hours between meals only way that can help you overcome hunger, but do not eat excessive snack.

6. Reduce the portion Eat. Most people eat food for fun themselves. If food is your favorite type of high fat, salt or sugar, the key to make it feasible. Check first the content of your food in the diet and change it if necessary. For adults who consume high-fat food or milk products in each of their food, is actually eat too much fat. Take advantage of the list in the nutrition label of food to help you balance your food choices.

7. Balance rotating Options Each time your food. Not all food must be perfect. When you eat food high fat, salt or sugar, select the ingredients of the lowest. If you skip this food group in the day, correct in the next day.

8. Knowing the difficulty in your diet program. Improve your eating habits, know first what is wrong with your eating patterns. Enter what you eat in three days, then check the list of the Match and tips with this. What you eat too much butter, mayonnaise, cream or salad? From the same removed, the better you reduce the share. What you do not feel satisfied with the eat fruit and vegetables? If not, you may miss the vital nutrients in food.
9. Make Changes In Phase. I have no 'super food' or a healthy diet that easy, do not expect to immediately remove your eating habits in the night. I begin to make changes gradually to achieve positive results, and a pattern of healthy eating habits throughout life. For more convenience, if you do not like milk without the fat, try low-fat milk. In the end you may also be without the likes of milk fat.

10. Remember, Food Not A Bad Habit. Choose foods that are based on your total eating patterns, not based on the 'good' or 'bad'. Do not feel guilty if you love food such as pie, chips, chocolate or ice cream. Meals are feasible, and other select food that can balance your nutrition and a variety of other, better for your health.


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