Monday, December 29, 2008

Cancer patients also should be Supported

Family acapkali people also faced the difficult situation. Will deliver more prudent to leave the room or intensive medical equipment accompanied the patient in the cold room? Not easy to face such a condition.

Moreover, the process is quite heavy and relatively long time in the treatment must be faced. "Chemotherapy make us become very difficult to eat because the feeling of nausea will continue to whip," said a mother serviks cancer. In fact, nutritious food to be the main factor supporting successful cancer treatment.

In fact there are many more difficulties faced by the people with cancer, including the right to obtain information about the disease and various faced. Yuniko, a former breast cancer sufferer, said, "I remember when after the operation and will undergo chemotherapy. Thirst for information about what will be faced to make me ask a lot. "

Yuniko continue the story, when a period of chemotherapy on the run, her sister cough quite severe cold. They have to avoid receiving input source agat disease is not contagious and infection, the mother of one child had a few days this isolate themselves in a room. "Later I laugh and ask the younger sister quick treatment.

In fact, the pain that diisolasi should be, "said Yuniko in the book, I Have Cancer It Does not Have Me. Sometimes people who experience one can be different from the experience of the other cases because each requires a different treatment. Take an example, a chemotherapy treatment a patient must be patient with one another.

"Even though the same amount of suffering from breast cancer chemotherapy that can be run differently," said Dr. Sutjipto, Sp.BOnk. Important vehicle The emergence of a community become a very important vehicle for people with cancer.

Moreover, when this community provides many things that can be used to improve the quality of their lives. Called CISC (Cancer Information and Support Center), Yuniko the penggagas realize the importance of this vehicle. "This is the place where the quality of life in the psychosocial aspects of my rapidly increasing through togetherness and sharing a sense,"

In this group, every cancer patient and his family, of course, can share many things, from the serious to the light. An opportunity that was attended ghs in a waiting room at the chemotherapy Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Jakarta, clearly illustrates one of the benefits of this community.

A mother is confused, "Do I have to eat meat or not?" Kegelisahannya already missed. "I can still eat meat, which is limited. I'm so relieved, "he said.

A mother of another said, "I feel at least diringankan of this burden. The existence of this community, I feel there is a friend, a friend. I no longer feel alone. There are many friends who have experienced pain and difficulty the same, "a little long Yuniko said.

Several months after the passing of the last chemotherapy, Yuniko not bald plontos again. New hair cut and aft. Women age 45 this year also began more activities such as pain before.

That day, attending a meeting of tens of Yuniko breast cancer survivor. Come and hear the experiences of others provide valuable inspiration for the name of the owner Yuniko Deviana this. He sat with several semeja survivor who had to survive a dozen years, there is even a more than 20 years!

This raised hopes because he previously thought cancer will not live long. "I saw how they see their own health. Optimism seems able to rotate my life before I go back like a cancer, "said Yuniko


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