Sunday, December 28, 2008

Osteroporosis, quiet undermine dislocated

You know fossil? This refers to the part that's left behind a flesh, the death of thousands or hundreds of years past. Usually the form of bones. We can imagine. How our bones strong, lasting up to hundreds of years. Yes, the bone is the most powerful organ. He was two times stronger and harder than granite stone.

However, the notion is wrong, although strong, the bones are not more than the granite. This organ is very light. No wonder if the people with 206 bones that have contributed to only 12 percent of the weight of total body weight. Amazing, is not it?

Networks bone cells to be strong because of the presence of calcium. This is the material that we most need to be stable and strong bones. When the porous bone mass, and appears osteoporosis (porous bones). The most vulnerable women, although men also have the same potential.

Women exposed to high risk menopause porous bones due to the existence of the hormone estrogen backer calcium is decreased, even disappeared. In addition, women's bones are smaller than men's bones.

Since in Gynecology Try to look at our grandmother or grandfather. In which he has worn them appear not usually stout again. Body postures appear bend. Or if not, high body dwindle to a few centimeters.

What is it? No other result mengeroposnya bones. In fact the disease, including osteoporosis coxy. Without ba bi bu, eeh suddenly appear. Prof. Dr. Ichramsjah A. Rachman, Sp.PD-KG, stated that the clinical disease is difficult to assess because there is no pain in the bones when pengeroposan progress, even in advanced stages.

Generally, pain relief is due to a lack of estrogen that occurs in women after the menopause or menopause. Therefore, high body decreased only one of the secondary can be monitored. Thus, osteoporosis is a silent gnaw bones.

Then, how to prevent the hollow bones we do not? First, we must know that the bones were from a variety of elements. There are vitamins, minerals have also. Calcium including principal framer of the bones. Similarly vitamin D. Together with the other minerals such as phosphorus and protein diformasi bone mass. Like the walls, protein functions as a cement and calcium-phosphorus is batanya stone.

Since we are still in the womb, at birth, youth, and adults, bone formed. Peak at age 30. Start this age we have a calcium tube will be removed. You need to know that calcium is spending to help the muscles to be berkontraksi, set tap the heart, control blood pressure, also send a message along the nerve.

Not infrequently, and calcium out terbuang useless, especially in smokers, fried, coffee, alcohol, much sugar and salt, or a user of drugs and steroid antasida group. Avoid all the materials and this habit, so the recommended Dr. Samuel Oetoro, MD. The material is indeed stimulate calcium out in the number of lots.

Eating Healthy and Avoid Stress Instead, the pattern of life will maintain healthy measure calcium in the body. Drink milk, eat fish, and consumption of vegetables is green, and the consumption of calcium supplements if necessary. Do not forget also, avoid consumption of saturated fatty acid.

Meanwhile, the good fat such as fatty acid omega-3 from fish in the sea, omega fatty acid from corn-6, and the fatty acid omega-9 from the beans and olive oil would have to be asupannya. That's all the food that increase the calcium.

Do not forget, you need to manage stress. When stress, hormones kortisol will be issued through the body of the brain. Kortisol is katabolik hormone, causes destruction of protein in the body. The result, the calcium is removed from the bones will be more.

So do not stress, break ends. At least we sleep a day for six hours. Less than that, the growth hormone will be reduced. In addition to creating a shape, to help break tercukupinya production of growth hormone. Hormone is responsible for managing the balance of hormones, including set the bones in calcium absorption.


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