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When Health Check Please?

When Health Check Please? How sick? No! All people want is always healthy, but the attitude of our lives are often less effort not to show pain. Eating home satisfied, sports absent hold, break less, and no work stoppage. If you are confused then exposed to the disease and seek treatment wonder about the pattern of healthy living.

Prevent the problem, there are many things that we can do. Avoiding the causes of the disease, became the main strategy. Smoking, for example. Many studies indicate smoking causes cancer tuberculosis.

Not to be cancer tuberculosis, we can prevent it by not smoking. Problem is we all understand, but see it, every day we can still see many people smoking! The second strategy, early detection is a very meaningful step.

In many cases, the screening tests important role in preventing disease. A course of cancer serviks (neck womb). HPV virus infection due to the women's age can be prevented if the conduct routine screening.

Similarly breast cancer and many other diseases. Again, this step is not to be awareness of us as very important. We are reluctant to conduct health checks for various reasons. "Later alone. This is not too severe! "So often heard. Or maybe you know with the self-styled, "Ah, this is only lumbago, why!"

Therefore, to familiarize themselves health checks every few period recommended by health experts.

How often and what should we check?

A. Measure Blood Cholesterol The actual blood serum fat dites to measure total cholesterol level in the blood that consists of LDL cholesterol, HDL, and trigliserida.

What's the point? To measure the degree trigliserida and cholesterol in the blood. The state of blood fat that is not normal will increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Problems occur when LDL cholesterol (low density lipoprotein) are quite a lot in the arterial wall is marked with meningginya degree level or when LDL cholesterol HDL (high density lipoprotein) decreased.

When and how often? Make at least five years if your normal condition. If not, you should check more often. The test is very important if in the family history have high cholesterol and heart attack, obesity, you rarely exercise, suffering from diabetes, or fatty foods like consumtion high.

What do the numbers that? The National Cholesterol Education Program has created a guide on the cholesterol content. You can read it on the table. Consult your doctor to review the results.

B. Measure Blood Pressure This test measures the peak pressure when your heart pumping blood out through the arterial (sistolik) and the number of arterial pressure in the heart during a break in between detakan (diastolik).

What's the point? To detect the early blood pressure that boast. The longer detected increasingly dangerous. You will fell ill at risk of stroke, heart, heart failure, and kidney damage.

When and how often? At least every two years. When the doctor to check, blood pressure will be checked. When blood pressure exceeds the limit or Ascending, doctors may recommend the test as often as possible. Tests of blood pressure is very important for those aged 35 years and above, obesity, lack of activity, family history and have high blood pressure.

What is the number-number? Figures ideal or normal for every person around 119 millimeter mercury (mmHg) and above 79 mmHg or lower, often written 119/79.

C. Measure the density dislocated The test was conducted with X-ray to see the condition of the bones back down, the thigh, wrist and feet.

What's the point? To detect the existence of osteoporosis, porous bones that can lead to the occurrence of fracture. Several times a scan is required, including the CT-scan and dual energy X-ray

When and how often? If you are a woman, you should be examined themselves. Moreover, when a family member who had experienced osteoporosis. Risk factors that you must know is when menopause, use steroid medications, smokers, too thin, had experienced a broken bone.

T-score is a number that describes how much of bone density.
- When the T-score between -1 and +1 or more means you are normal bone density and osteoporosis risk exposure low.
- When the T-score between -1 and -2.5 means your bone density is relatively low.
- T-score of -2.5 and lower, meaning you get the risk of osteoporosis or a fracture.

D. Check Breast and Mamogram The test is to support each other. Breast Realize the physical test (check your own breasts) can be done alone or by medical experts. To mamogram of medical experts to be done.

What's the point? Detect breast cancer or changes in the breast, for example, the benjolan. Doctors will usually check the lymph gland, changes color, color irregularity, changes to the hilt, there is also swelling in the lymph gland.

When? Before age 40, women should undergo this test at least every three years. Those who are above age 40, must check each year. More often when there is family history.

Mamogram Breast placed on the plastic plate, and then take X-ray image in it.

What's the point? To detect the cancer. Lymph nodes that is a significant increase of cancer. Physical examination is not able to detect this.

When and how often? When a woman is aged 40, should be examined themselves. At least until the age of 49, carried out inspections every two years. Consult your doctor to what should be done. When you are 50 years old, every year is better, especially when there is a history of cancer in your family.

E. Cancer Screening Kolon (colon) Carried out checks on feses, X-ray for kolon, observation or intestine with kolonoskopi SC-scan to see the conditions in the intestine without the need to insert a tool in the intestine.

What's the point? To detect the cancer and the growth (polyp) in the wall kolon potentially cancer.

When and how often? When you include a risk, such as red meat and penyuka often experience constipation, screening should be carried out more than once during the five to ten years.

F. Health Check Doctors check the teeth, chin, tongue, lips, mouth, and network software in the mouth.

What's the point? To detect the existence of interference in the teeth, such as tartar or interference in the mouth showed the cancer.

When and how often? At least once a year or dentist if you request it. Routine check important when you include smokers, alcohol drinker, penyuka sugar.

G. Check Currency You are requested to observe the letters from a distance. Doctors will check the pressure of eyeball tonometri equipment and parts in the eye with optalmoskop.

What's the point? Vision to detect and determine whether you have a risk of vision disturbances such as glaucoma, cataracts and other eye degeneration.

When and how often? If you are the glasses or contact lenses, it is necessary to check once a year. When you have never experienced a problem and the risk of eye disease, check it every two or four years until age 65. Start age 65, start each one or two years.

H. Pap smear tests At this session will include a doctor in the vagina to spekulum to observe the condition of the womb serviks or neck. With a soft brush, a few examples of the network will be taken to be examined in the laboratory.

What's the point? To detect the cancer.

When and how often? Every three years. More often if you are smokers, often bergonta change sexual pair, and have sexual diseases. For women who have made a total histerektomi (lifting the womb), routine pap smear is not needed.

I. Check specific antigen prostat Doctors will insert a gloved hand and pelicin in rektum tasted for enlargement of the gland or prostat physical condition prostat. PSA (Prostate-specific antigen) blood test is to measure the amount of a specific protein that is issued by prostat gland.

What's the point? To detect the existence of prostat enlargement or cancer prostat, particularly on the men above the age of 50 years. The increasing level of PSA indicate prostat cancer or benign enlargement prostat.

When and how often? Before the age of 50 years, a variety of recommendations. You need to consult a doctor. When you are 50 years old, each year need to PSA test, especially with a family history of cancer or prostat enlargement prostat light.

What is the number-number? Every age has a limited degree PSA. The older the higher limit. If excessive, it is necessary to ask doctors to experts urologi.


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