Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stay Comfortable and Healthy Workplace

For workers who do the work all day in front of the computer, to keep body health in the workplace should be a priority. There are many ways that we can do to make ourselves comfortable for work in the office at once to maintain health. Here we give some tips for position to sit and use computers that are useful to reduce the feeling of comfort and the possibility of experiencing fatigue or injuries during work.

Head / Neck & Eye:

Position the top of the monitor in line or below the level of your eyes - do not memposisikannya higher until you have to lean the back of your head. Position your monitor with a distance of 20 to 40 inches from your face. Use a large font with the letter if you can not read from a monitor at this distance. Dim lighting can also help you avoid dazzled, which can cause eye strain in the eyes and headache attacks. If you can not avoid strong, use glass to reduce the strong rebound to your eyes from the monitor.


Sit with the head upright position. Do not lean or tilt your head. If the position of the table or make your monitor can not sit with a portrait, try to change position. Position your knee straight with or slightly lower.

Position your foot in the foot on the land. Position foot foot on this land can also help reduce tension in the spine. Use ergonomic chair or backrest. Seats are comfortable will help improve the sitting position. Seat backrest will help make you sit with the correct position.

I Hand & arm

Ergonomic keyboard and mouse play an important role here. Indeed, the size of the price to be calculated rather expensive, but the price for convenience is not a matter of not? When choosing a mouse, remember! Any use of convenient, the most important is to change its position periodically when you work all day. Movement and in the same time create tension and the risk of injuries. Occasional casual, comfortable grip on the mouse and take rest. When the mouse moves better use the entire day rather than arms.
And tips is best to remember the standing of your chair, walk shortly peregangan do your body is working throughout the day.
This will create a smooth blood circulation and relieving tension in parts of the body that may be realized without your experienced tension. If you really consider the best body position during the work, buy the ergonomic office equipment. This system can make your entire body comfortable during the work.


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