Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Medicine Using Bat

Besides consumed as a side dish friends eat everyday. Bats can also be trusted cure asthma. Many people believe if the type bat Musuk can cure a disease caused by constriction channel is everywhere.
The problem of the use of meat bat as it can be considered drugs based on the correct some research. One is research Ashraf Naya ever published in a journal published government health Spain. According to Naya any type of meat that can be used to cure sore throat. Based on the data that some students from UB last year to publish the results of their research on asthma medication use rabbit meat. It can be done because the meat rabbit out substances that contain a compound called kitotefin. The compound when combined with various other compound, such as fat Omega three and nine, can be stored as a healer of asthma. And according to the results of their research also obtained the possibility that the bats also have a similar type of compound.

Technically, the meat producer compound kitotefin this work to stabilize the cell membrane mastosit. Asthma, allergy, which can occur because of preventable with the meat bersenyawa kitotefin in the body. For meat stimulate the formation of antibodies in the body. And when these antibodies in the viscous mastorit cells, can cause a bursting membrane. Bursting membrane can be formed musculature plain channel napas berkontraksi. The result, napas narrow channel to the asthma.

Which may only need to be a problem processing the meat eaten before. For a random process can result in the loss rate is kotitefin. So, meat is not recommended in conditions too hot. The recommended temperature for cooking the meat, not to exceed 150 degrees Celsius.


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