Saturday, December 27, 2008

Steps to Breast Health

1. Many Vegetable Food Research proves that the 46 percent reduction in breast cancers occur in women who eat more vegetables. Broccoli and garlic is a vegetable that can keep you with the breastwork destroy grace in the body. Vegetables can be eaten pan or in the form of salad.

2. Learn Family History
Although only 10 percent of breast cancer cases caused by the mutation genes, this can help your fate. Women with a family nucleus as younger mothers or sisters who have breast cancer before age 65 years at least twice the risk of breast cancer subject. Identify genes and a history of cancer is frightening, although it can make you do the prevention of the need to maintain breast health. In addition, all women need to undergo mamografi at a certain age.

3. Limit antibiotics
Antibiotics can mengerosi excessive immune system to detect and fight cancer.


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