Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cough? Iron blame Him!

Dr. Caterina Bucca of the University of Turin and their colleagues say, women tend to suffer from chronic cough that can not explain the cause. These findings indicate that iron deficiency may help explain why some women were healthy and not suffering from cough smoking continuously.

By Bucca and colleagues, as cited by Reuters, women more often experience cough and iron deficiency because of menstruation and pregnancy included in the study. They examined 16 women with chronic cough who have normal function of lungs, no symptoms of asthma or other diseases everywhere, and there is no evidence refluks stomach acid that can describe him cough.

However, all respondents experienced defisiensi iron. All had marked swelling on the back of the mouth and red, with a red membrane mukosa. Tape voice is also very sensitive, making them easier to cough and choke, such as after a guffaw.

Bucca then provide iron supplements to improve on their iron reserves. About two months later, they re-examined. After suplementasi iron, cough and signs of inflammation in the mouth and vocal cords improve or indeed changed. "I see hipersensitivitas truly lost or broadly improved in all women," said Bucca. Because iron helps manage the production of protein in the immune system, which also control the inflammation, defisiensi iron can make the top of the channel breath vulnerable to inflammation and cause chronic cough.

Bucca plan to examine this relationship further. He stressed that doctors are confused by women patients with chronic cough, check the rate of iron them. Who know they have defisiensi.


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