Sunday, December 28, 2008

Erectile Dysfunction Not Know Age

Do not be angry
If the husband was still right there but encouraged sexual ereksi disrupted, meaning that he was experiencing Erectile Dysfunction. Sexual disfunction this was not looked age. This means you can experience by the age of the men also.

Of course, because the cause of a certain, there Erectile Dysfunction. So if your husband of 39 years of experience, it's not something extraordinary. Why? Because some men who have Erectile Dysfunction, even younger age of your husband. Psychological reactions experienced by the husband, the fear of sexual conduct, shame, and low self, is often the case. In fact, some men have a psychological problem more weight again to disrupt the day-to-day activities.

The effort does not show your anger to him quite right because you will anger the more pressing him. This psychological pressure will make the interference function ereksinya.
Of course, this issue should not be longer because it may cause a worse result than you are naturally present. So the husband should have the correct handling.

Inspection Completed The first step, the husband must get a full examination to find out the causes of basic ereksi interference. With the right treatment, in fact Erectile Dysfunction can be overcome to this problem does not bother you and your husband again. All that of course depends on the interference caused primarily because there is interference that cause Erectile Dysfunction difficult to overcome.

On hormone treatment, depending on whether the need hormones, and hormone use what? Men who have hormone deficiency can experience tiroid Erectile Dysfunction. In such circumstances, the hormone needed treatment tiroid.

Some men who have hormone deficiency testosteron eventually also suffer damage to the structure penisnya, so that experience Erectile Dysfunction. In this situation required testosteron hormone treatment.

That not all Erectile Dysfunction require hormone treatment. Therefore, I suggest your husband immediately consult further examined and the doctor himself experts Andrology & seksologi. Give encouragement that he got the proper handling and thorough. You are the role he needs.


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