Monday, December 29, 2008

Herbal for Syaraf squeezed

By a doctor, diagnosed Badriah broken stroke. The value of good cholesterol (HDL) small, while the bad cholesterol (LDL) is very high. Trigliserida and the total volume kolesterolnya also above normal threshold. According to Dr. Alfred Sutrisno, Sp.BS, book author Stroke? You Must Know Before You Get It!, Cholesterol is involved against the occurrence of cases of heart disease and stroke.

In addition to cholesterol that is not controlled, stroke Badriah also experienced a result the blood sugar is high enough. Unfortunately, Badriah forget the total cholesterol level and blood sugar fell ill stroke time.

In addition to nerves in the brain, also has Parkinson Badriah. "Both hands are often sway own," he said.

After undergoing various treatment without results, a day in June, Ana, daughter, see the board publicity Store Nyo Herbal medicine in the area of Meruya, West Jakarta, where Njo Swie Jan berpraktik traditional Chinese medical treatment. When Ana was hoping to find his mother "treatment partner".

Ana ago to bring his mother's treatment at the Njo Swie Jan. Through hands Nyo, as is usual practice call name, massage therapy Badriah get nervous and open Chinese herbal concoction.

Four Times Although the recovery of stroke is individual, Badriah feel fortunate to meet Nyo. After diterapi four times and regularly drink Chinese herbal medicine, he is able to drive the two back legs.

Badriah also can independently go to the bathroom. However, he felt the need to continue treatment because Jan Njo Swie not talking surfing first.

According Nyo, stroke are diseases that are difficult to be cured. If interference occurs on the body's organs, such as the mouth, hands, and feet, penderitanya will not return life to normal.

Many people take the stroke patient will not survive long. However, not a few patients who recover from paralysis, and even be able to return to day-to-day activities. All depends on factors of stroke and how to fuse handling.

In the case Badriah, Nyo nerve to re-motor nerve with massage techniques, which are named therapy open nerve. Pemijatan only be done in the waist to toe.

However, in many cases of stroke, usually Nyo thrust needle Akupuntur in the buttocks and dots joint. In addition to therapy with open nerve, Nyo Chinese herbal ingredients to give the home-made.

Tulang Rawan At the clinic, Nyo interference not only treat stroke only. Many patients who come with complaints diabetes, Parkinson, kidney stones, asthma, cancer, pengapuran, painful joints, and nerve squeezed.

In particular, for the nerves in the spine squeezed, will initially Nyo probe palpation. Perabaannya that emphasizes both hands in the thumb of each segment spine, from bottom to top. If there is interference in each segment, he will feel the benjolan. Palpability this process takes 10 minutes.

After knowing the problem areas, then he immediately embed Akupuntur 12 needles in the area of cartilage. Cartilage is in the cavity between the joint-segment spinal vertebra. Pricking needle Akupuntur how this is to be characteristics. Only a few who do therapeutist Akupuntur transfixion as Nyo.

Mr. adding two children, pricking the cartilage to diminish the swelling caused hysteria and reinforce the wall of blood circulation. After 1 hour, hypodermic needle-Akupuntur removed. Next, he meresepkan traditional Chinese herb.

"Some of the ingredients for a given case cula nerve is squeezed rhinoceros, niu wang, and Chinese wild ginseng. All the material I have been so diblender and one was flat, which should be drunk 3 x 2 a day, "he said.

Next, each once a week to six meetings, patients are asked to come to him again. On average, he said, after six patients get sunday healing. Once the visit, Nyo determine price of Rp 200,000 for a variety of cases.

Meanwhile, the price of ingredients diresepkannya reach millions of rupiah. He confessed ingredient prices and services offered by these that he is in Indonesia.

"Many patients who feel satisfied even though the need to issue a pocket in such expensive. I am not reluctant to offer money back if the treatment does not work out, "said the man who was born in Jakarta on January 11, this 47 years ago.


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